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Fortunes from Sodexho Products

Here's a part of the project that gets everyone involved!

Along with collecting fortunes, I have been searching online and the Android Market for random fortune generator.  The reason is twofold;

1. It allows me to post things up even when I am not in direct access to fortune cookies.

2. It allows me to distribute these!
Simply put, I send these fortunes I created in Adobe InDesign and give them to the workers at Sodexho (Juniata College's dining service provider).  They in turn put these fortunes in the packaging of any boxed or wrapped food products that they make (i.e., cookies, sandwiches, etc.).  When you find them, all you need to do is go to this blog (the URL is on the back) and post them in the posts that say "Interactive Fortunes".  All you have to do is post any word or phrase you think should be in the blank area.

I generally only produce three different kinds of fortunes each batch.  The fortunes vary from time to time, so you have to stay tuned for  the latest updates!